Monday, 11 May 2009

Skins tariler
In what ways are Teenagers represtented in this trailer ?

party crashers go about in gangs
no respect for authority
property vandalism

How are these representations constructed?Pacy music-loud can't hear- only see what their doing, focus on their actions, things getting out ofcontrol, the structure blurs as it progresses and kids get more out of control

Research task

Pick one drama, soap or one-off TV series find out:

*What times(s) and channel(s) is it broadcasted on
*When it started and (finished,if appropriate)
*Who makes it (its production company)
*What has its hightest rating have been
*What its tartget audience is (demographics and physco graphics)
*What the critics have said about it

*Also give a detailed breif of the supnosis including settings and characters

textual analysis

textual analysis of breaking down a text into its various elements and studing them to analyse how the meaning is created. When analysing moving image media (such as film or television) we must examine the following areas:
-Camera work(shots,angles,movements)
-Editing (how shots have been put together)
-Sound (both digetic and non-degtic)
-Special effects(if there are any)
-Mise-en-scene(costume,make-up,facical expressions,props, settings,performance)

Camera movements

Crab-ther camera moves sideways
Side-the camera stays in the same place but pivots left or right
Steadicam-strapped-to a person
Hand held camera-hand-held


Low-camera looking up at subject, making it look bigger
Canted-camera is tilted to make the subject look tilted
High-camera is looking down on subject to make it look smaller
Worms eye-extreme low angle,camera looking up,very low
Eye level- camera pointed exactly at subject
Birds eye/arieal-extreme high angle camera, or high angle very low looking up